420 Science DabDish Pro

420 Science Product SKU: 420SC-DABDSH
Silicone jar inserts for storing oils and concentrates.
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The 2nd. generation 420 Science DabDish Pro is made from FDA-approved silicone and is available in two sizes, large and small, that fit the UV Concentrate Jars to a tee. Both sizes feature notches in which to rest your dabber while the larger one also benefits from having two separate compartments to store two different extracts. The rounded lip enables you to wipe off any excess oil.

These silicone inserts are dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant to 260°C (500°F).

DabDish Pro sizes:

  • Small: 3.175 cm. high x 2.48 cm. wide.
  • Large: 6.35 cm. high x 3.18 cm. wide.

Jar and dabber NOT included.


Breeder/Brand 420 Science
Material Silicone

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