420 Science Pop Top Jar - Modern Write & Erase

420 Science Product SKU: 420SC-POPTOPJAR-MODERN
Pop top glass stash jar with Modern Write & Erase design.
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The 420 Science Pop Top Jar with Modern Write & Erase design is made from machine-blown glass and features a glass pop-top complete with airtight plastic gasket/seal to keep your stash fresh and all the smell inside.

This jar enables you to write the strain name, genetic details as well as THC and CBD percentages on it. When done simply wipe off ready for the next strain!

These US made stash jars are available in 4 sizes:

  • X-Small: holds about an eighth (3.5 gr.) and measures 8.25 cm. tall by 5.72 cm. wide.
  • Small: holds about a quarter (7 gr.) and measures 8.25 cm. tall by 6.4 cm. wide.
  • Medium: holds about 1/3 of an ounce (10 gr.) and measures 10 cm. high by 7.6 cm. wide.
  • Large: holds about 1/2 an ounce (14 gr.) and measures 11.4 cm. high by 8.9 cm. wide.

These 420 Science glass pop top jars come with an amazing lifetime guarantee against breakage!

Reviewed by High Times as "the best in herb storage".


Breeder/Brand 420 Science
Material Glass

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