420 Science UV Dropper - Medical Leaf

420 Science Product SKU: 420SC-UVDROP-MEDLEAF
Range of droppers with Medical Leaf design, made from UV glass.
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The 420 Science UV Dropper, with Medical Leaf design, is perfect for storing and administering your THC tinctures. The UV glass protects the contents from degradation due to sunlight and its long pipette allows even the very last drop to be accessed. These droppers are available in four sizes.

The bottles are made from injection-moulded European glass and feature an airtight lid.


  • X-Small: 7.9 cm. x 2.2 cm. Capacity 5 ml.
  • Small: 9.5 cm. x 2.4 cm. Capacity 10 ml.
  • Medium: 10.2 cm. x 3.5 cm. Capacity 30 ml.
  • Large: 13.3 cm. x 3.8 cm. Capacity 50 ml.

Lifetime Warranty on the bottles.


Breeder/Brand 420 Science
Material UV glass

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