420 Science Wax Wallet

420 Science Product SKU: 420SC-WAX
Small silicone-lined container for concentrates.
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This 420 Science Wax Wallet is silicone-lined to store your oils and concentrates safely. The wallet is a hinged clam-shell shape and its silicone liner prevents your precious oils from getting stuck everywhere.

The food-grade silicone used for the liner is FDA-approved and you can store at least a gram of extract. The wallet measures approximately 4.5 cm. in diameter and 1.3 cm. high.

Whether you prefer shatter, dabs, wax or oil you can feel secure in the knowledge that your materials will be safe and sound in the 420 Science Wax Wallet.

Available in 3 colours: grey, green and blue.


Breeder/Brand 420 Science
Material Silicone-lined

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