Arizer Air II / Solo II - Easy Flow Bubbler

Arizer Product SKU: ARIZ-BUBBLE-11876
Provides water-conditioned vapour.
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This Easy Flow Bubbler unit is for both the Arizer Air ll and the Solo ll portable vaporizers. Handmade and blown by mouth, this bubbler will cool and condition your herbal vapour without the need for any other kind of water attachment.

This Easy Flow Bubbler is only a little larger than the regular mouthpiece. Put a few drops of water in the top chamber and then load the bottom herb chamber.
Warning: For the first use it is strongly recommended to heat the bowl on the highest setting for 10 minutes prior to twisting the glass piece gently into the vape body making sure that it is perfectly straight and NOT at an angle.

These glass bubblers are packed in an acrylic travel tube for its protection. Keep this for transportation purposes as well as using it to clean the piece; simply add isopropyl alcohol and a little salt, put the cap back on and gently tilt the tube one way and then the other until any residue lifts off. Baked-on gunk can be wiped away after soaking.


Breeder/Brand Arizer