It has never been easier to buy and pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Made Easy

There's a new website by Bitcoin Made Easy that will transform the way you buy Bitcoin. Whether you're a regular purchaser of Bitcoin or a newbie, it has never been easier to use bitcoin with their exchange information.

Paying with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Made Easy really does make it easy to learn how to purchase Bitcoin. Run by tech veterans who were involved in building the internet exchanges themselves in the late 1990s, Bitcoin Made Easy takes the hard work out of buying and using Bitcoin for your online purchases and consists of just 4 simple steps.

Quick and Easy

Paying by Bitcoin for the first time takes about 25 minutes. From then on it takes 1-2 minutes.

Pay By MasterCard/Visa

Unlike most online Cannabis Seeds businesses, you can buy Bitcoin with Credit/Debit card from the biggest card companies like Visa & MasterCard.

Show Me How on the Bitcoin Made Easy website.

Placing Your Order on Tiger One

Please Note: Some Bitcoin wallets will ask you if you are sending your Bitcoin to a 'third party' and, if so, to detail the website of that third party. As all Bitcoin addresses are anonymous, there is no need for you to share this information with them.

a) Browse the Tiger One website, add your chosen products to the shopping cart and select the delivery method.

b) Select “Pay by Bitcoin” as your payment method. You will now have 20 minutes to complete your order (please send your Bitcoin immediately as it can sometimes take time to confirm the payment).

c) Using the exchange you are setup on, navigate to the correct page in order to send Bitcoin.

d) Enter the amount of Bitcoins you’d like to transfer, then confirm the transaction.

e) Check your email for payment confirmation email from Tiger-One.