Exploring the Weed Vaporizer Market

Vaping has gained widespread popularity over the last few years, with famous Hollywood celebrities even showing off their prized vaporizers on social media and even vaping at award shows and other promotional events. 

The weed vaporizer market is rife with opportunities for reatilers, and this happens to be a fantastic time to enter the market 

The benefits of vaping weed versus smoking it have been well-documented by now, and whether users are smoking their favourite strain medically or recreationally, vaping is now considered a very discreet and private way of consuming cannabis, especially on the go.  

The smell, for one, barely lingers around for a few seconds, and even then within a 2-3 foot span. Furthermore, vaping is a very convenient way to consume a variety of marijuana strains that can be conveniently brought at a superstore, brick-and-mortar dispensary or online store.  

Plus, many users have stood by the fact that vaping allows for better flavour notes and after-tastes.

Vaping is also a very cost-effective way to enjoy weed because it requires far less ‘material’ as there is no combustion involved and the effects are usually much stronger, and last longer as well. A number of researchers have also backed up the fact that vaping does not adversely affect the lungs the same way smoking weed does.  

Types of weed vaporizers and accessories 

In order to keep up with ongoing demand, we have stocked a variety of vaporizers and accessories, all catering to a variety of user tastes and preferences.  


The Alternate Vaporizer by Vivant is a fairly basic vaping device featuring precise temperature capabilities and high energy efficiency. A USB port allows for easy charging and firmware updating should the need arise. A crafty modular hemp grinder comes standard, allowing users to enjoy a fine grind and use it directly with the device.  

It’s a fantastic entry-level vaporizer.

A quality vaping experience is only bested with the most sought after accessories and spare parts. From spare mesh screens to larger vaporizer batteries, mouthpiece sets, portable chargers and much more – Tiger One stocks a broad and extensive range of top-of-the-line vaping accessories.  

Take the DaVinci IQ 18650 Rechargeable Vaporizer Battery, for instance – offering users a spare battery that can be easily swapped in/out of the IQ Vaporizer. 

The DaVinci Car Charger has been custom-built to work with DaVinci and Ascent vaporizers. Boasting a minimalist design that plugs into most car battery charging ports, users can enjoy their favourite vaping blends on the go. However, it’s difficult to say how long user’s vaporizers might stay charged for, although that’s also largely dependent on the frequency and usage duration.  

If ever your customers require a replacement parts set for their Storz & Bickel Mighty cooling unit then the Mighty Wear & Tear Set has them covered – which includes all the spare parts needed to renew the Mighty cooling unit. 


Below are just a small handful of vaping-related items that have been a raving success and best sellers for multiple years in a row: 

Grenco Science G Pen Elite Mouthpiece Filter Screen x 5 – This crafty replacement filter screens for the G Pen Elite vaporizer gives users plenty of choice.  

Loading Cap - Flowermate V5 Nano – The Flowermate V5 Nano has been custom-made to load up the V5 Nano with herb. Users can effortlessly funnel their herb into the black ceramic chambers.

Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer – A stylish and portable vaporizer for enjoying waxes, oils, dry herbs and concentrates. The V5 Nano has become a flagship choice for concentrate lovers, although some users might feel that the 1-year warranty may leave a bit to be desired.  

Desktop Vapes  

Desktop vaping devices offer a host of exciting features such as faster heating speeds and longer operational times.

The Plenty Handheld Vaporizer – Manufactured by the revered Storz & Bickel, this handheld mains vaporizer has been loved by concentrate lovers of all levels, with its 7 pre-set temperatures and host of other cutting-edge features.  


E-liquids are the latest craze, allowing users to conveniently load up a variety of cannabis strains in liquid form directly into their desired vaping devices. 

Atmos R2 Portable Waxy Concentrate Vaporizer Kit – A consumer favourite, this vape pen is great for enjoying waxy concentrates and dry herbs in liquid form.  


An extract is a substance used in a vaporizer that’s made by extracting a part of a raw material, typically by using a solvent like water or ethanol. Cannabis concentrates are commonly available in oil and wax concentrate form, making them ideal for consuming in a vaporizer with some strong and fast-acting effects.  

However, many concentrates have very high THC content which may not be suitable for all users – for example, particularly those who are very sensitive to cannabis’s intoxicating effects.  


Portable vaporizers are the perfect solution for anyone who likes to inhale their favourite vapes on the go. They are discreet and easily fit into pockets and small purses. 


Terpenes are organic compounds which occur naturally in a number of plants, including cannabis. They are responsible for giving the green herb its unique aromas. Many people love vaping terpene e-liquids with their favourite cannabis concentrates or CBD product as it offers better control over the effects they want to experience.  


Wax vaporizers have become very popular over the years, helping people vape wax concentrates in their purest, most potent form. It’s a very convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis wax concentrates, even on the go.  

Tiger One’s Recommended Weed Vaporizer Products 

Harmony CBD E-Liquids – Featuring many flavours but OG Kush being a favourite among cannabis novices and long-time users alike. Each e-liquid bottle has a signature earthy taste and smell, as well as a lovely aroma due to terpenes like linalool and Pinene.  

Flowermate Slick Pen Vaporizer – A slick and highly portable entry-level pen vaporizer which is great for enjoying dry herbs, waxes and oils. It’s very easy to use and beginners of all levels will love vaporizing from their Flowermate.  

Harmony Terpenes - The purest terpenes sourced not only from the highest-quality herb but also from a variety of sought after botanical sources. Being 100% legal worldwide, users can enjoy them with complete peace of mind no matter where they are.  

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer  – If the idea of vaping using balloons or tube while controlling features through an app doesn’t sound cool to the everyday concentrate user, then we don’t know what does. The Volcano Hybrid is a slick vaporizer that delivers well on its promise and comes with a variety of innovative features.  

PAX 3 Vaporizer - Basic Kit – A must-have for anyone who appreciates portability and efficiency, the matt-finished anodised aluminium vaporizer has been a fan favourite for many years now.   

Go.Pen Plus Vape – Highly sought after all-in-one vape kit with accessories, the Go.Pen Plus is a ‘load your own concentrate' portable vaping pen. Not only does it come with two ceramic wax atomizers and an oil tank, but also a retractable charger, dabber dish and more. Users will no doubt love the variety of options and features included, although not every user might find the bright colours attractive.  

Linx Hypnos Zero Portable Vaporizer – A superb pen vaporizer for enjoying waxy oils, the award-winning Hypnos Zero pen vaporizer instantly heats up and vaporises your customers’ favourite wax oils for easy consumption.  

Arizer V-Tower Desktop Vaporizer – The high-quality desktop vaporizer is known for its efficiency, delivering a pure and delightful vaping experience every time.  

Volcano Digital Vaporizer + Easy Valve Starter Set – Another Storz & Bickel masterpiece, the Volcano Digit is a notable improvement over the Classic variant, offering digital temperature control accurate to under 1.5°C.  

Go.Pen Plus Dual Coil Ceramic Atomizer – Offering a dual-coil ceramic heating element, the Go.Pen atomizer effortlessly vaporizes your customers’ favourite cannabis extracts, producing the perfect puff every single time.  

DaVinci Original Classic Portable Vaporizer Set – A very versatile portable vaporizer used for herbs and oils. The rugged and durable vaping device is perfect for cannabis lovers on the go.  

Arizer Solo II Portable Vaporizer - Carbon Black – The small, fast and powerful portable vaporizer helps users puff out thick vapour clouds and offers a longer battery life. In addition to offering a great taste, it offers up to 3 hours of non-stop use.  

DaVinci MIQRO Portable Vaporizer - Explorer's Kit – The MIQRO portable vaporizer is a good 33% smaller than the previous variant, boasting a fully adjustable oven. The sleep design offers simplicity and minimalism and the handful of accessories help users enjoy a seamless and discreet vaping experience on the go.  

The Mighty Portable Vaporizer – This fantastic rechargeable vaporizer by leading cannabis accessory manufacturer, Storz & Bickel, features a battery that uses full-force hot air convection heating coupled with additional conduction, ensuring a highly efficient and complete vaping experience from the very first draw. The 2-year warranty is a definite plus as well.  

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer – The Crafty handheld vaporizer is your customer’s new best friend. It’s the perfect companion for concentrate lovers who like to stay mobile, while the Remote Control App compatible with both iOS and Android allows a multitude of settings to accommodate personal tastes.  

Offer a world of weed vaporizing and accessory options to your herb-loving customers. Sign up for a wholesale account with Tiger One today and easily expand into markets where business opportunities are rife and plenty.