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Over the next few weeks, TigerOne is sitting down with some of the world's best cannabis seed breeders to learn a little bit more about who they are. Up first is Royal Queen Seeds, a truly legendary figure in the seed bank world.

Royal Queen Seeds was born out of a passion for all things cannabis. Their founder had been involved with the cannabis growing scene for many years, expanding his knowledge and honing his skills. This, combined with a burning desire to make his envisioning of high-quality strains available across the world made the creation of Royal Queen Seeds an inevitability. The aim of Royal Queen Seeds as a company is to breed their own varieties of cannabis strains, ensuring that the best genetics are available for growers everywhere to cultivate and work with.

Right now on TigerOne, get a free Amnesia Haze seed with every multi-pack. But enough from us, let's hear a little more from RQS!

Hi there Royal Queen, what's been happening? 

A lot has happened! Not only for Royal Queen Seeds but globally. There have been gradual changes in the mindset of our society—reflected in the growing acceptance of cannabis around the world and the legalization of the herb in various counties—which are slowly helping to remove the stigma surrounding the plant…

All these external changes have shaped and legitimised our commitment even more. At this point, we are more than exultant to share the most reliable genetics with home growers, so they can enjoy them on their own. But we are also happy to keep learning more about the plant—from its genetics and growing characteristics to its effects on our bodies—and share it with the world. It’s a liberating feeling: more knowledge brings better decisions.

Besides those feelings, we’ve added a new line of regular cannabis seeds to our catalogue, making it possible for home growers to breed their own genetics from a quality starting point. And following the same spirit, we have also developed bio-nutrients that are easy to use, powerful, and reliable.

Finally, we would like to say that we are working on lowering our footprint, and we will soon have a complete catalogue of eco-friendly products, starting with our line of freebies but soon to include other practical and high-quality, sustainable products—both merchandise and growing equipment.

Your Gelato strains are really popular with TigerOne customers. For those that love the Gelato collection, what else do you recommend they check out?

That’s true. Our Gelato strains, especially Green Gelato Automatic, are favoured by our community. I would say to give our other Gelato genetics a try, like Wedding Gelato or Cookies Gelato.

And I would personally recommend Royal Gorilla, Royal Cookies, and Northern Light Automatic. Northern Light Auto is well-known around the globe, but the others have become classics fast—and we’ve been getting tons of amazing feedback.

Any new strains on the horizon we should keep a lookout for?

Royal Queen Seeds is always working toward offering the latest and best genetics. Currently, we are in the middle of the breeding process and the necessary stabilisation of traits, which takes time.

We will soon share some news about it, but we can give a hint: some new automatics are coming! Stay tuned for more.

Are there plans to add another physical store, or has the last year of lockdown changed that?

We could say we were born near the people, in the heart of the Red Light District, and we plan to remain close to cannabis lovers and growers.

The lockdown has evolved our plans surrounding our stores, but maybe for the better. We reorganized our shops in Barcelona and just opened a bigger and more spectacular shop in the core of Ciutat Vella, next to Las Ramblas, where you can’t miss us. That way, we are focusing on a sole location that’s more convenient, where we can help anyone who stops by.

That being said, we have two more beautiful shops in Amsterdam (one in the fancy Harleemstrat and another one in the center of the Red Light District) and one more in the exotic and exclusive Marbella.

The idea is to always remain approachable and present in key places around the globe. There is definitively more news to come!

What does the future hold for Royal Queen Seeds?

The future is greener than ever, but it’s evolving fast. That’s why at Royal Queen Seeds we are continually moving and planning the next steps. First, we are developing a new research branch that will keep pushing the boundaries of our genetics and growing processes, serving our community and the global cannabis market. Second, we will still fight for accurate and honest information surrounding the plant to empower our society. And lastly, we wish to expand to new continents!


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Everyone at Royal Queen Seeds lives and breathes cannabis, and puts every ounce of their passion into their seeds, that is why they are making waves across the world as one of the best and most reliable breeders on the market. If you'd like to start stocking Royal Queen Seeds, get in touch today!