Meet Kannabia

The Kannabia Seed Company hails from Spain and was one of the country’s first-ever seedbanks. After starting small, Kannabia’s reputation soon spread throughout the country, Europe, and soon the world.

Kannabia uses only the most stable genetics available and produces an eclectic range of fem and auto strains that are easy to cultivate, yield beautifully, and are incredibly pest and mould resistant with their excellent lineage. From beginners to pros and everything in between, Kannabia plants are known for their rewarding buds thick in crystals and sticky to the touch. Their recent additions of THCV, CBG, and CBDV focused strains are excellent representations of modern cannabis cultivation.

TigerOne is proud to stock Kannabia wholesale. Their enviable line of strains sits perfectly in place amongst some of the more prominent, more mainstream brands. And their choice of genetics will satisfy even the pickiest of collectors. 


Our top 3 Kannabia Strains


Kannabia THCV

Kannabia THCV Feminised is a pure sativa strain producing THC: THCV in the ratio 1:1 with a value of 7% of each of these two cannabinoids. Plants are resistant to pests, highly productive, and with a relatively fast flowering.

THCV is more commonly found in equatorial sativa varieties and is known to be an appetite suppressant; this means it has implications for those seeking to lose weight for health reasons.

The taste of Kannabia THCV is both earthy and citric. THCV and THC content comes in at around 7% of each, with a low CBD of 0.1%.


Kannabia CBG Auto

Kannabia CBG Auto is a sativa-dominant strain rich in cannabigerol but with no appreciable amount of THC. CBG is non-psychoactive and has medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and neuroprotective.

Growers can expect sweet, floral flavours from mature buds. CBG production is around 7 - 8%, with less than 0.1% of both THC and CBD.



Kannabia CBDV Auto

Kannabia CBDV Auto produces high levels of cannabidivarin, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, and good amounts of CBD (cannabidiol). The ratio of CBDV: THC is approx. 25:1.

CBDV is believed to have anticonvulsant properties and to be helpful for the treatment of nausea, seizures, inflammation, muscle function, and cognitive issues. However, more research is needed to determine its whole level of efficacy.

Its flavour is earthy. CBDV production is approx 5% with 4% CBD. THC is very low, < 0.2%, while THCV is 0.25%.