All You Need to Know About Modern Smoking Accessories

With the widespread expansion of cannabis legalisation and its popularity as a socially acceptable drug, unique and high end marijuana paraphernalia has shaped up to be one of the fastest growing markets for distributors and wholesalers to penetrate 

At Tiger One, we offer a broad range of the latest and greatest paraphernalia, providing users with a variety of modern smoking accessories and wholesalers with promising business opportunities. 

What does Paraphernalia mean? 

The word paraphernalia is most commonly used to refer to a group of apparatus, equipment or gear used for a specific activity. For instance, someone who’s a big football fan may cover the rooms of his wall with football paraphernalia or other apparatus and/or equipment sold exclusively to football fans.  

In the context of this article, paraphernalia refers to the equipment, apparatus or gear used to facilitate users for consuming their favourite strain of cannabis. Typical examples include vaporisers, water pipes and bongs, rolling paper and trays, odour eliminators, herb grinders or anything else that the average cannabis lover may want to use or collect – such as small bags for keeping edibles and cannabis strains on the go, as well as vaporisers or other smoking devices.  

What types of Cannabis Smoking Accessories are there? 


Grinders are very handy tools to help break down cannabis into smaller bits for wrapping up in blunt wraps and rolling papers, or for the purpose of smoother-hitting bowls.  

RYOT® Wood GR8TR Grinder 

RYOT® Wood GR8TR Grinder is the perfect smoking accessory for any cannabis connoisseur who wants to transform their herb into a more refined form – something which is simply not easy or practical to do with bare hands and fingers alone.  

This two-piece single-chamber grinder is a new design based on the original Kannastör® GR8TR grinder design, expanding it further with an innovative and interchangeable sealable glass jar system.  

Thicker vapours, better consistency and more natural hits are just some of the added benefits of this grinder. It’s part of a much wider range of cannabis paraphernalia and can be used seamlessly with any RYOT® jar or storage system such as the new RYOT® Jar Cooler bag, for instance.  

  • Top made from robust, high-quality Walnut wood 
  • Ultra-secure magnetic closure 
  • High-grade silicone seal 
  • Quick, easy and convenient access to ground herbs
  • Quality and craftsmanship guaranteed  

Kannastör® 2 Piece Grinder - 2.2" 

For many of your customers, grinding may just be a regular and routine process of consuming cannabis. However, when your users are willing to settle only for the best-quality grinders, the Kannastor® 2-piece grinder fits the bill quite nicely.  

Offering consumers an even and solid burn, this grinder helps extract as much goodness as possible out of any given strain. In fact, the Kannastor® 2-piece grinder is the perfect smoking companion and accessory for kief lovers. 

  • Highly durable, hardened food-grade aluminium construction 
  • Knurled grips for improved, more secure handling 
  • Specially-crafted tooth-set for a finer and more even grind
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (All Kannastor® Grinders come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects, including broken or malfunctioning teeth) 

Kannastör® 2.2" Multi Chamber 4 Piece Grinder w/Stainless Easy Change Screen™ 

The Kannastor® 4-piece grinder is the perfect cannabis smoking accessory, allowing weed lovers to grind their bud, store it, and collect the trichomes to be used as kief.  

The Kannastör® Multi Chamber 2.2" 4 Piece Grinder with Stainless Easy Change Screen™ comes in a stunning and stylish matte gunmetal finish that no doubt any cannabis connoisseur will appreciate and brag about. In fact, this metal finish has been a fan favourite since 2003.  

A replaceable 60 mesh screen makes grinding a total breeze, with the added option of a 100 mesh screen. One of the key attributes that make Kannastör® grinders truly stand apart is the robust design – a design that is built to last several decades, thanks to the food-grade 60/60 aluminium material.  

The sifting chamber can be easily taken apart should users ever need to utilise it as a 3-piece grinder or make it more portable for easy carrying around.  

  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty against defects, including broken teeth 
  • Transforms into a 3-piece grinder for easier carrying and other grinding purposes 
  • Made from tough and robust food-grade 60/60 aluminium material 
  • Replaceable 60 mesh stainless Easy Screen™ also available in 100 mesh screen option 
  • Slick and portable 2.2” design available in classic matte gun metal finish 

Odour Eliminators 

Your customers may be worried about reeking of marijuana smoke after concluding a session, in which case Cannabolish sprays and candles are just the thing to get rid of all pungent odours.   

Cannabolish Odour Eliminating Candle 

With cannabis becoming legal is no many states across Canada, the US and even certain parts of Europe, your customers would want to experiment to their heart’s content and not worry about a ‘certain kind of’ smell lingering around – either in the room or in their clothes and hair.  

This is where our top odour eliminating candle comes in. Made from 100% natural ingredients, the 7 oz. candle by leading manufacturer Cannabolish can easily eradicate all tell-tale smells associated with marijuana use.  

While regular cannabis odour eliminating candles often use harsh chemicals and artificial additives, producing air pollutants as a result when lit, Cannabolish’s soy-based candle produces a clean-burning smell using natural ingredients only.  

  • Made from natural ingredients like essential plant oils and water 
  • Packaged in a recyclable glass container 
  • Completely neutralises odour molecules as opposed to just masking them 

Cannabolish Cannabis Odour Removing Spray 

With cannabis having a distinct and often strong odour that can linger around for several minutes to an hour, your customers may be rather worried about the effect it may have on their relationships.  

Luckily, the Cannabolish marijuana odour removing spray does a fine job of removing every last trace of any smells or odours, and not just masking them. Made from all-natural ingredients such as water and plant essential oils, Cannabolish’s anti-odour spray can be conveniently used in just about any ‘session zone’ – the car, basement, living room or any other room in the house.  

  • Gets rid of odour molecules within seconds (not mask them) 
  • Completely non-toxic and made from all-natural ingredients 
  • Can be safely used around people and pets – safe for the environment too 


There are few cannabis smoking accessories or paraphernalia that can truly enhance the experience like a robust, stylish and high-quality rolling tray, as well as top-quality rolling papers and cones: 

RYOT® Rolling Tray 

A beautifully polished rolling tray made from solid walnut wood, The RYOT® Solid Wood Rolling Tray features an elegantly finished material that’s beyond perfect for rolling herbs and tobacco.  

The inward curving over-vert walls make it very easy to scoop herbs or tobacco for easily loading into bowls and rolling papers. The polished funnel in one of the corners offers a unique way to load smoking material or unload leftover materials into RYOT® jars and boxes.  

  • Elegant linseed oil finishing and solid walnut wood surface perfect for loading/unloading herbs and tobacco 
  • Integrated tubular funnel 
  • Over-vert, ‘scoop-friendly’ walls 

RAW Rolling 

RAW offers some of the best rolling paper and cones currently available in the legal cannabis market.  

RAW Organic Pre-Rolled Cones King Size x 32 

A beautifully packaged box of 32 cones – offering customers a quick and easy way to make marijuana or tobacco cigarettes, including those who are rolling novices.  

All your cannabis loving customers have to do is fill the material of choice into their cone, and they’re good to go. RAW offers the highest quality organic hemp rolling paper with a signature tip at one end for easy consumption.  

RAW Wide Natural Unrefined Hemptton Tips x 50 

RAW’s natural unrefined Hemptton range of rolling tips made from a hemp and cotton blend are widely popular among cannabis consumers of all expertise and experience levels. 

The wider format allows for a more comfortable distance between the user’s face and the burning end of the cigarette, providing for some really memorable moments and plenty of laughs as well as interesting photo opportunities. 

The unbleached tips are pressed which ensures a ‘nice-and-easy’ roll, with every pack containing a good 50 wide tips with 50 packs per box.    


Some of your customers may be looking for specific ways to store their stash and other smoking accessories – Tiger One offers just the thing: 


The Integra Boost BULK Packs, retail packs and humidity indicator cards offer a practical and cost-effective solution when it comes to keeping valuable herbs, tobacco and other related foodstuffs at an exact 55% relative humidity (RH), when kept in an enclosed environment.  

Integra Boost’s complete range of individually wrapped humidiccants automatically absorb or release humidity, keeping the user’s items at the perfect level.  

All Integra Boost™ humidity control packs are 99% biodegradable, salt-free and release no harmful chemicals that may affect your customers’ stash.  

  • Non-toxic and FDA-approved 
  • Easy-to-read humidity card 
  • Salt-free two-way humidly control packs    

CVault Small Curing & Storage Container (7 to 14 grams) 

A compact stainless steel curing and storage container for cannabis with the ability to store anywhere between 7 and 14 grams of herb – the CVault is a very light, effective ad durable way of storing cannabis and other foodstuffs.  

Designed specifically to keep all the smell and goodness of stashes no matter how many times it is opened, the quarter-inch silicone seal makes this airtight and lightproof container an ideal solution for cannabis preservation. 

  • Specially designed latch to preserve the smell and goodness of the stash while keeping unregulated air out 
  • Lid has storage space for a Boveda pack 
  • Highly stackable to save space 

Le St-James Hush Kush Pouch 

To keep neatly-rolled joints and small amounts of herb, there’s nothing better than Hush-Kush’s reusable wallet made from natural materials.  

Featuring a sleek and minimalist design with clean lines, Hush Kush pouches are a top contender in the cannabis paraphernalia market.  

  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable lightweight material 
  • Very easy to clean 
  • Water-proof, smell-proof  
  • Finished with natural beeswax-based Perma-B technology 


Tiger One stocks top-quality weighing scales with best-in-class build and design quality, specifically manufactured for weighing herbs and other similar items. 

Myco MX-600 Miniscale (600g x 0.1g) 

The portable Myco MX-600 Miniscale is ideal for weighing up to 600g of herb with 0.1g accuracy.  

Accurate weighing with a highly compact design comes at a superb price. The hard plastic lid provides ample protection to the weighing sensor when not in use, which also doubles up as an expansion tray for weighing quantities larger than 600g. 

  • Built-in overload protection to protect from damage 
  • Bright back-lid LCD easy to read in all lighting conditions 
  • One-touch calibration  
  • 10-year limited warranty 

On Balance SBM-100 Scale w/Blue Collapsible Silicone Bowl (110g x 0.01g) 

The perfect portable scale featuring a robust silicone bowl for weighing herbs up to 110g with 0.01g accuracy.  

The collapsible blue silicone bowl also acts as cover providing extra protection from knocks and spills. 

  • Overload protection 
  • Auto-off when inactive for 3 minutes 
  • Comes with 3-year limited warranty and 2 AAA batteries 

On Balance CBS-8000 Compact Bench Scale (8000g x 1g) 

The On-Balance CBS-8000 is a compact, multi-purpose bench scale which can weigh up to 8000g of herb and other foodstuffs with 1g accuracy.  

Being a highly versatile bench scale, however, it can be used in a variety of settings such as schools and kitchens, with the ability to weigh small-medium sized postal items as well.  

  • Easy to calibrate 
  • Auto-off function 
  • 3-year limited warranty 


When your customers successfully find the perfect strain or smoking accessories like a highly desirable vaporiser, it’s important to keep them all safe in a stylish and functional bag. 

RYOT® Bags 

RYOT® 2.3L Safe Case Small Carbon Series with SmellSafe™ w/Lockable Technology 

From time to time, your users may need to keep those signature cannabis smells at bay and any unnecessary moisture locked out in order to keep their herb fresh.  

The SmellSafe™ Carbon Series is one of the best ways to keep herbs weather-proof and completely conceal every last trace of ‘that smell’. 

  • Weather-proof exterior available in two unique colours 
  • Lockable zipper with lock included for uncompromising security 
  • Moisture-resistant sealed zipper effectively ‘locks in’ all smells 

RYOT® 4.0L Safe Case Large Carbon Series with SmellSafe™ w/Lockable Technology 

Another fantastic and slightly larger RYOT™ safe case to keep smells at bay and keep cannabis materials and paraphernalia safe;  

The carbon fibre padding serves to neutralise all kinds of odours associated with cannabis storage and traps them internally.  

  • Weather proof fabric and moisture-resistant zipper keeps all smalls contained and weather elements out during transportation 
  • Removable Fresh Pod, Rolling Tray, and Carbon-filter Stuffed Padding  
  • Available in slick black and olive finishes 

RYOT® AXE Pack GOO.O Carbon Series with SmellSafe™ w/Lockable Technology 

The AXE Pack Series is ideal for helping users protect their precious cannabis and smoking paraphernalia. Fitted with pull-zips, innovative locking technology, super-thick internal wall-padding, and much more – it keeps unwanted odours firmly locked in around the clock.  

  • Thick wall padding and divider with silicone mat and X-straps keeps gear and cannabis bits secure  
  • Specialised weather-proof coating and moisture-prof lockable zip with lock included 
  • Carbon fibre padding completely neutralises smells 

And Others – such as Accessories 

With the right smoking accessories and paraphernalia, your customers’ weed smoking experience can be taken to new heights. From rolling trays and odour eliminating candles to pre-roll carrier containers, USB rechargeable lighters, expansion chambers and much more – Tiger One’s unique lineup of cannabis smoking accessories can take any weed lover’s experience and enjoyment to a whole new level. Here’s a glimpse: 

Green Jay USB Rechargeable Lighters

Green Jay offers some of the best-quality combustion-free, USB rechargeable lighters in the cannabis paraphernalia market. No longer will your customers have to worry about refillable or disposable lighters which can often be a nuisance in the middle of a session.  

The small, light and ergonomic lighters are not only wind-proof but they also produce a completely flameless fire. The battery can be charged conveniently via a mini-USB cable and a single charge lasts for a reasonable amount of time. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty against material and manufacturing defects comes standard.  

420 Science Starter Pack 

The 420 Science Starter Pack is superb for users who want to get an initial feel for what it’s like to use and collect high-quality cannabis paraphernalia. The pack contains some of the most sought after 420 Science products such as 16 pop-top jars, 6 wide-mouth jars, 6 rez block bottles, 4 boxes of 420 Wipes and much more.  

420 Science Rez Block 

Helping users keep their bongs and water pipes clean and pristine, the 420 Science Rex Block comes in three unique sizes. Even though your users may be changing their bong water every day, that is not enough to stop the build-up of dirt and other residue within the water pipe or bong – something which can adversely affect the experience over time.  

Now that you’re familiar with what marijuana paraphernalia is and what some of our best-selling smoking accessories are, go ahead and create your wholesale account today to get started! We look forward to having you with us.