Boveda Humidity Control Packs - 62% (Individually Over-wrapped)

Boveda Product SKU: BOV-62
62% relative humidity packs in four sizes.
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This range of Boveda Humidity Control Packs - 62% is available in 4 different sizes and are designed to be effective at controlling relative humidity levels in herbal preparations for various sizes of container.

Your herbs will keep fresher and more flavoursome for much longer if the relative humidity levels are both precise and constant. Boveda Humidipacks ensure two-way function using reverse osomosis membranes and will therefore either absorb or release moisture, depending on whether the material to be conserved is too dry or too moist, thus maintaining a constant level for your herbs. This membrane does not allow for the transmission of the natural salts contained within.

Boveda humidity packs have been certified as Food Safe by the FDA, have ISO certification and are also manufactured to GMP standards.

Boveda Relative Humidity (RH) is accurate to within 1% in an air-tight container/environment. If using an actual wooden humidor it is usually the case that the actual RH of your humidor will become stable at anything up to 5 points lower than the Boveda RH you're using. This is due to both humidor and ambient dryness levels.

Boveda packs should be replaced when they become rigid.

Boveda is used by both cultivators and retailers in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal. Boveda is chosen for the following reasons important for cannabis preservation:

  • Maintains precise RH for curing and storing
  • Retains 15% more terpenes
  • Keeps flower fresh for up to a year
  • Saves $100/lb from cannabis moisture loss
  • Protects the medicinal qualities and potency
  • Takes away the harshness from smoking dry flower
  • Eliminates mouldy buds and their associated health risks
  • Locks in the aroma you can lose by varying humidity levels

These Boveda 62% Humidity Control Packs are available in the following sizes:

  • 4 gr. for up to 14 gr. (1/2 ounce|) of cannabis
  • 8 gr. for up to 28 gr. (1 ounce) of cannabis
  • 67 gr. for up to 450 gr. ( 1 lb.) of cannabis
  • 320 gr. for up to 2.25 kg. (5 lb.) of cannabis

N.B. These packs have a 2 year shelf-life.


Breeder/Brand Boveda
Material Natural salts, purified water

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