Malana Cream Regular Seeds

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Hardy, vigorous strain with indica wide leaved characteristics, intensely resinous.

This famous North Indian charas sativa grows on the high sun-drenched ridges of Himachal Pradesh around the famed village of Malana (renowned for its hand-rubbed top quality charas). Intensely aromatic flowering tips gleam with trichomes and virtually drip with resin. Plants reach heights of over 3 metres and are vigorous and prolifically productive. First-rub charas is produced from these plants with intense care, and is soft and easily molded by warm hands. Aromas are reminiscent of overripe fruit and mango, and are sickly sweet like traditional Indian milk confectionary. Consumed in moderation this strain gives a bright, cerebral buzz which is very sociable and giddy; larger quantities produce a highly mind-altering psychedelic effect. This is the Champagne of the cannabis resin market.

More Information
Breeder/Brand The Real Seed Company
Product Types (class) Seeds THC
Genetics Malana (Himalayan domestic charas strain)
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
THC Content Unknown
Meta Keywords Malana Cream Regular Seeds Bulk Cannabis Seeds TigerOne