Accelerator Seeds

Accelerator Seeds is a relatively recent seed bank which is located in Amsterdam. In its short life it has already caused quite a stir in the Dutch cannabis scene winning quite a few awards in various cannabis competitions since 2015.

Accelerator Seeds is focused on creating and supplying its collection of rare and special genetics created by breeders with a passion for preserving the finest cannabis in the world alongside its commitment to only distribute proven and tested strains. Utilising a fantastic collection of regular (i.e. not feminised) mothers and fathers from near and distant locations they present their Accelerator Line.

From pure sativas to really heavy-hitting indicas and taking in some lovely cannabis hybrids in between; all of the Accelerator Seeds' strains have been quality-tested for viability, vigour, variation, stability, strength and flowering.

As they say themselves: 'Stick with Accelerator and you will see , smell and taste the difference.'