Jinxproof Genetics

These genetic strains are created by Jinxproof who is recognized worldwide for being the creator and breeder of the 9lb Hammer, a powerful indica dominant strain that has amazed many a breeder with its potency, rosin production, fruity flavor notes, and yield. Jinxproof, along with a culmination of innovative farmers, creates unique hybrid plants that please even the pickiest of cannabis connoisseurs. These genetics are created throughJinxproof’s farming knowledge of 30 plus years to breed and stabilize desirable strains that satisfy a variety of cannabis palates.

Jinxproof Genetics company is a family-run business that also gives back to the local cannabis community. A portion of monthly profits is donated to NW Families for Autism which is a local Washington state charity. It is their goal to continue to create high-quality genetics that satisfies farmers of all levels of experience. May you have positive and productive growth!

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