Crater Deluxe - Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Portable dry herb vaporizer with 3 accurate temperature settings.

CRATER portable vaporizers are for aromatherapy & treatment of respiratory ailments. The new CRATER DELUXE portable vaporizer lasts 25% longer than Pax Ploom and Crater thanks to the built in 3000mAh battery and can be charged directly from any USB port or power bank with the special docking station. CRATER DELUXE is fully digital, no mechanical action is required to operate the device. CRATER DELUXE is slightly smaller than regular CRATER (Digital). The finest portable vaporizer available in Europe - with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Elegant - Effective - Compact - Portable - Discreet 3 flexible heat settings - The perfect vape experience. We are so confident of our product - the CRATER portable vaporizer - that we offer a 30 days no fuss "satisfaction" or "money back guarantee" for quality - valid only for UNUSED items - and "lifetime warranty" for durability. CRATER - Providing perfect quality and a great customer experience. More fun: buy once, use forever!

Crater Deluxe Vaporizer Specifications

  • Heating time around 30-40 seconds
  • Compact internal lithium ion battery - 3000mAh
  • Quick charging time:
    2 hours - with 3mAh USB charge - special 3A CRATER quick charger available in our shop now!
    3 hours - with 2mAh USB charge - high capacity 2A - 13.000mAh power bank available in our shop now!
    6 hours - with 1mAh USB charge
  • Long battery life: 6-7 sessions (12-15 minutes each or less)
  • LED indicator shows battery status, temperature and charge level
  • Medical grade components
  • Ready to use out the box.
  • Crater unit size:
    10 cm (10mm) long
    3.0 cm (30mm) wide
    2.0 cm (20mm) deep
More Information
Breeder/Brand Crater
Product Types (class) Vaporizers
Temperature Control Set Variable
Temperature Control Detail 3 Temperature Settings
Portability Portable
Battery Charge Time 2-6 Hours
Heating Speed Fast
Manufacturers Warranty Lifetime