CannaWell is a privately owned limited company based in the UK where it is registered with the Food Standards Agency. Cannawell hemp oils are legal for consumption and sale and we list the countries we ship to below. Cannawell supplies CBD products from the U.S. and also some that are produced in mainland Europe. From the U.S. Bluebird Botanicals is famous for consistently offering the highest quality products with an unrivalled quality assurance system. It is a true leader and creator of the hemp extracts industry and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hemp extracts and oils. Cannawell is proud to be the exclusive distributor for its cannabinoid-rich hemp oils throughout the EU, EEA as well as Scandinavia.

CannaWell are committed to bringing products to the market that are high quality hemp food supplements to help support and maintain health and well being. In addition to having the best quality hemp oils Cannawell also believe in great customer service and conducts its business in a fair, professional, ethical and sustainable manner. The products are 100% natural and ethically sourced.

For customers' peace of mind the independent laboratory test analysis for each batch manufactured listing the cannabinoid potency, and that our products are tested for pesticides, heavy metal, bacterial and microbial content and mycotoxins (moulds), are available on their website ( Cannawell products are 100% natural; they have no fillers, preservatives or additives in them whatsoever.

These premium CBD hemp oil food supplements provide vital nutrients to maintain, support and optimise the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannawell also has specific Pet Blend oils for your four legged companions and an all purpose topical cream.

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