Dutch Passion CBD

The seeds for Dutch Passion's success were sown in 1987 when it was established in Amsterdam. It was an early pioneer in making CBD-rich cannabis seed strains available and has followed this up with the launch of its own CBD Compassion Oil.

This oil is produced from hemp cultivated without using any pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers. Producing the CBD-rich hemp extract is done via high-pressure and low temperature CO2 extraction which turns the CO2 into a liquid state whereby the oils are dissolved. Once the CO2 is brought back to a normal temperature range it evaporates leaving the oil behind. This method avoids the use of any solvents completely and is environmentally friendly.

Dutch Passion CBD Compassion Oil contains 5% CBD as well as other cannabinoids including CBC and CBG but with 0% THC. It is also high in plant terpenes which give plants their special scents. Hemp seed oil is used as a carrier oil for the extract.

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