EZ Test Kit for LSD


The Ehrlich test was developed to show the presence of LSD and other Indoles.

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The Ehrlich test is a new addition to the EZ Test range.

It will give a good indication as to the presence of LSD and other Indoles (like DMT, 5-MeO-DMT (a.k.a. Foxy Methoxy), 5-Meo-MiPT, 5-MeO-DiPT, Psilocybin, Psilocine, 4-acetoxy-DMT (a sort of synthetic psilocine analogue) and many others), corresponding to the information sheet and colour chart included.


TEST RESULTS (as indicated by colour in the ampoule):


Ehrlich Test for LSD and other INDOLES Test Result
LSD and other INDOLES


All EZ tests use a chemical reagent absorbed in silica gel, which is held inside a glass ampoule.

When a sample is added to these chemicals inside the ampoule if a reaction occurs a colour change will take place. This colour should be compared to the colour chart included on the instructions within the package, to give an indication as what could be in the sample.

If your unopened ampoule is damaged please contact the retailer it was purchased from.



There are 4 quick and easy steps to follow:


Ez Test Instructions: Open Ampoule
(1) Crack open the ampoule.
Ez Test Instructions: Insert Sample
(2) Insert a small amount of the sample.
Ez Test Instructions: Mix Ingredients
(3) Put the plastic lid on and shake well.
Ez Test Instructions: Observe Reaction
4) Compare the colour change to the chart.


After testing please remember to dispose of the ampoule and sample safely.

The EZ testing kits are purely a guide to help analyse a substance. It is advised not to touch any substance and extensive laboratory testing of samples is recommended for more detailed results.


Breeder/Brand EZTEST
Screens for Levamisole
Use to test LSD

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