Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order your seeds at wholesale prices?

If you are a seed retailer or interested in retailing seeds from your shop or website then please create an account to view our wholesale prices and order online.

Am I entitled to receive your wholesale prices?

Anyone who has a shop or a website and is planning on retailing our seeds to end customers is entitled to receive our wholesale prices.  If we do not believe that you intend to resell our seeds then we reserve the right to cancel your account.

Can I take product images and descriptions from your website?

You can take any product images or descriptions from our website if you have or are going to have these products supplied by Tiger-One. Please visit our download centre to find out more. 

Do you have a minimum order?

We are as keen to supply small retailers as larger retailers and for this reason we have no minimum order.

Are you able to provide us with a list of your best selling strains?

Yes, please contact us about this through our contact pages.

Am I obliged to respect the retail prices that you sell at?

Yes, we recommend you follow the breeders guidelines regarding RRP's.

What methods of payment do you accept and how do you ship our seeds?

Please look at our payment and shipping pages, but If anything is unclear, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can my customers grow the seeds you sell me?

We will not sell seeds to anyone that is encouraging the cultivation of seeds in countries where it is illegal to do so.  Your wholesale account will be closed should we find this to be the case.