Fenix Mini Portable Vaporizer - Black

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Versatile and powerful portable vaporizer for dry herbs with concentrate capability.

The Fenix Mini is a full-convection portable vaporizer that is primarily intended for use with dry herbs but which also has the potential to be used for concentrates by using the supplied quartz concentrate cup. Fenix Mini features include a new, patented convection system, fully-isolated food-grade metal vapour path, fast heating time (20 - 30 seconds) and an OLED screen for the fully adjustable temperature read-out from 160°C to 221°C (320°F to 430°F) in one degree increments. Enjoy great flavour from your vape while on the move!

The Fenix Mini's patented 'Parallel Convection Airflow Heating Technology' gives 100% pure air heating to ensure you inhale pure vapour only. Use the stainless steel bowl for dry herbs or the included concentrate cup for use with wax, shatter and stable oils that remain hard at room temperature. Each charge of its battery is good for 40 minutes vaping time and pass-through means the unit can even be used while being charged.

The Fenix Mini measures 80.0 mm x 25.0 mm x 50.0 mm and weighs 135 gr.

The Fenix Mini portable vaporizer also features:

  • Non-slip rubberised body
  • Magnetic glass-lined mouthpiece, easily removed for cleaning
  • Dry herb bowl holding up to 0.15 gr. of vaping material
  • Red/Green status light with back-lit glass vapour path
  • USB charging port on the bottom of the unit, usable while charging and a 4-minute safety auto shut-off feature
  • The unit displays both target and current temperatures including the number of seconds remaining before the automatic shut-off engages
  • Safety features: over-charge/over-discharge protection, over-current/short circuit protection, overheating protection, open-load protection & sensor error protection
  • 2 hour charge time

Included in the box:

  • 1 x Fenix Mini Convection Vaporizer Unit
  • 1 x Silicon Seal With Replacement Screen
  • 1 x Quartz Tank For Concentrates
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Wax Tool
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Tweezers

More Information
Breeder/Brand Weecke
Product Types (class) Vaporizers
Temperature Control Variable
Temperature Control Detail 160°C to 221°C (320°F to 430°F) in one degree increments
Portability Portable
Battery Charge Time 2 hours
Heating Speed Fast