Green Jay USB Rechargeable Lighter

Green Jay Product SKU: GJ-LI-SB
Combustion-free, USB-rechargeable lighter.
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This USB Rechargeable Lighter from Green Jay means saying goodbye to both disposable and refillable lighters. It's a small, round lighter which is not only wind-proof but which also produces no flame at all. Its battery is easily charged via mini-USB cable and one charge is very long-lasting.

Wherever you are and whatever the conditions lighting up has never been easier. This lighter works on a similar principle to in-car lighters in that the battery heats an element which is then used to light your smoke. Pressing and holding the central button exposes the element which starts to heat immediately. Releasing the button closes the element's cover once more.

The Green Jay USB Rechargeable lighter is available in 3 attractive colours, Black, Teal and Rose Gold and is finished with a geometric design.

All Green Jay products are guaranteed against manufacturing and material defects for one (1) year from the original date of purchase.


Breeder/Brand Green Jay

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