Incredibowl m420 Steamroller

Incredibowl Product SKU: INC-m420-M
Smaller steamroller but still with a big hit!
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The Incredibowl m420 Steamroller is the slightly smaller version of the i420. It is manufactured from identical materials - a tough, heat-resistant polycarbonate tube, borosilicate glass bowl with inbuilt screen and aircraft-grade aluminium.

This piece hits hard and fast as is but can also be expanded with the addition of a bubbler or use it as a regular bong bowl. Its capacity is 0.5 gr. at a time and when the spring-loaded carb is released you get the full force of that.

The Incredibowl m420 Steamroller can be upgraded with the Trigger Release system.


  • Length: 5 in. (12.7 cm.)
  • Indestructible Pipe
  • Spring-loaded Carb for quick hits
  • Polycarbonate Body
  • Machined Aluminum Bowl Protector
  • Removable Glass Bowl

The Incredibowl m420 Steamroller comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. The o-rings, glass components, silicone mouthpieces are excluded. Like brake pads on a car, they are designed to wear out and be replaced .


Breeder/Brand Incredibowl
Size Medium
Material Polycarbonate, borosilicate glass, aircraft-grade aluminium

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