Incredibowl Redibowl Adapter

Incredibowl Product SKU: INC-REDIBOWL
Redibowl Adapter for the M420.

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The Incredibowl Redibowl Adapter converts the M420 into an insanely-effective killer bowl. It has been designed especially to fit for 14 .mm female joints and is capable of injecting the complete bowlful of smoke in one hit of your water pipe at amazing speeds.

Toggle the release while taking a hit and you can take the whole bowlful in one breath no problem. Get ready to be the talk of the 'hood.

The Redibowl Adapter also functions as a dirty ash catcher keeping your piece cleaner for longer.

Winner of Best Product, 2014 Denver Cup.


Breeder/Brand Incredibowl
Material Borosilicate glass

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