Linx Glass Bubbler for Gaia & Hypnos Zero Vaporizers

Linx Vapor Product SKU: LINX-GAIA-HYPN-15438
Clear glass bubbler.
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This Linx Glass Bubbler is made from clear glass and is 4.5 inches long (11.5 cm). It is designed to be used in conjunction with both Linx Gaia and Linx Hypnos Zero portable vaporizers.


  • 1 x Glass bubbler
  • 4 x silicone O-rings

User instructions:

  • Turn bubbler upside down and fill with water
  • Flip it the right way up again and allow excess water to drain out
  • Breathe in through the mouthpiece to test
  • Gently blow out excess if any remains leaving about 1 cm. of water in
  • Slip a couple of the silicone o-rings onto the glass mouthpiece of your vaporizer
  • Attach the bubbler pushing and twisting until securely in place
  • Enjoy your bubbler vape session
  • To empty simply remove and blow into the bubbler


Breeder/Brand Linx Vapor

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