Payment Methods

We're pleased to inform you that we are working with a new payment provider and it is now easier than ever to make payments to Tiger One. At checkout, you will be provided with the following payment screen.

You will be able to choose from the following options:


Pay By Card

Depending on your region you will be presented with your pay by card options. Currently available are Visa, Mastercard for selected regions and Am Ex.


Pay by Bank Transfer

This is now available to everyone.


Pay by Bitcoin

There are two options which are available to everyone at checkout. The first is a 'pay by crypto now' option, and the second is a 'pay by crypto later' option. A member of the team will send you a bitcoin link to pay afterwards and the order will be held for you. 


Pay by Phone

This is available to everyone who has credit with Tiger One or is having issues paying by the other methods. By choosing this method your order will be held, while we arrange payment. Please contact your account manager with the order number to avoid any delays.


If you have any questions regarding payment methods please contact us at [email protected]