RAW Classic 1 1/4 Rolling Papers, Creaseless , 300 Leaves x 40

RAW Product SKU: RAW-CLS-002
Larger size pack of 1 1/4 Classic rolling papers.

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These Raw Classic 1 1/4 Rolling Papers come in a bigger pack such that the leaves are not folded, hence the "creaseless" name. These bigger packs contain 300 cigarette papers so smokers won't be running out in a hurry. Made from the usual RAW natural, unbleached paper from unbleached plant fibres. Vegan, GMO-free, no chlorine or colours used at all during manufacture.

Each box contains 40 packs of rolling papers each containing 300 leaves.


Breeder/Brand RAW
Size 40 per Box
Material Natural plant fibre rolling papers

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