RAW Classic Single Wide Rolling Papers x 50

SKU: RAW-CLS-12119
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Box of 50 packs of RAW classic single width rolling papers.

RAW Classic Single Width Rolling Papers are made from unbleached natural plant fibres with natural hemp gum. They are the traditional size for rolling your own cigarettes in many countries. No chlorine or colours are used at all in the production process and the finished product is entirely vegan-friendly.

Each paper is water-marked with a criss-cross pattern to help prevent runs and create a more uniform laminated paper that burns smoothly and evenly.

Each box contains 50 packs of standard width and length rolling papers with 50 leaves in each pack. Each rolling paper measures 68 x 36 mm.

More Information
Breeder/Brand RAW
Product Types (class) Rolling
Size 50 per Box
Material Natural plant fibre rolling papers