RYOT® Jar Cooler Bag in Black with RYOT Lock

RYOT® cooler bag for your stash and drinks.
We send products in discreet stealth packaging to every country in the world.


RYOT® Jar Cooler Bag in Black comes complete with a RYOT® Lock for your peace of mind.

It is an innovative cooler bag which can be used for many purposes including for your drinking and smoking pleasure. While it was designed to stash all of your RYOT® smoking accessories this Jar Cooler Bag also works great as a cooler big enough for a standard-size beer or soft-drink can.

Just like the other RYOT® storage bags it is fully-fitted with its special odour absorbing SmellSafe® technology, a RYOT® combination lock, and an easy-carry handle on top so you can hold or carry it upright.

RYOT's trademarked SmellSafe Carbon Series bags employ extensive carbon fibre padding that both neutralises and traps odours within its pores. In addition to this a specially-coated weather-proof fabric and a moisture seal zipper also provide an actual physical barrier keeping smells in and the weather out. In order to re-activate the carbon lining filters after a period of use simply put in the tumble-dryer for 5 minutes.


  • RYOT® SmellSafe® Technology for absorbing smells
  • Lockable zipper
  • RYOT® combination lock
  • Integrated exterior lock pocket
  • Top handle to ensure upright position
  • Cooler lining for drinks


Breeder/Brand RYOT
Colour Black
Material weather-proof nylon fabric, carbon filters

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