RYOT® SmellSafe™ Krypto-Kit

Get things rolling with the Krypto-Kit.
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Get ready to roll with the Krypto-Kit! The RYOT® SmellSafe® Krypto-Kit™ was the very first product from this company released back in 2000. It remains the most popular smokers' pouch for glass bats (pipes) and small vaporizers that will fit in your pocket.

RYOT® SmellSafe® storage products contain a carbon filter lining which traps tell-tale smells and prevents them from leaking out. These filters can be re-activated after a prolonged period of use by the simple expedient of placing them in a dryer for 5 minutes after which they are as good as new.

The Krypto-Kit features:

  • RYOT® SmellSafe® Technology
  • Lockable zipper for added security option (Lock not included)
  • Absorbs odours via anti-microbial microfibres
  • Wallet-like panels to store cash, cards, or papers
  • Removable, hi-tech freshness pod for your herbs
  • Elastic storage loop to secure your taster bat (pipe)
  • Stretch gusseted pocket - perfect for any lighter
  • Includes Poker
  • Dimensions: 4.125" L x 2.625" W x 1" H
  • Patent # 6578707


Breeder/Brand RYOT
Material Canvas

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