New Seedsman at Tiger One 2022

Introducing the new Seedsman to Tiger One

We’re excited to introduce the new Seedsman to the TigerOne network. You may or may not know but Seedsman are closely linked to TigerOne and we think they’re fantastic.

Founded in 2002, Seedsman champions the joy of collecting your own seeds. What began as a budding passion by two cannabis connoisseurs, 21 years ago, has transformed into one of the foremost European seedbanks; built on a dedication to source and share cannabis seeds that inspire, challenge, and exhilarate collectors worldwide.

Today, Seedsman focuses on providing complete diversity, spotlighting cannabinoids like THCV and CBG, plants with excellent mould resistance and yields, and an unmatched range of autoflowering varieties - embracing traditional favourites whilst always looking for something new, and exciting.

Seedsman Seeds Packaging

On-board the Seedsman range today and you can benefit from:

  • 20% off your first order
  • Free seeds - how many depends on what you spend on Seedsman
  • Free merchandise - depending on how much you spend on Seedsman

We've put together the following packages to help you get started:

  • • Spend over €750 and receive 100 free seeds
  • • Spend over €1,000 and receive 200 free seeds + Small Seedsman merch box
  • • Spend over €1,500 and receive 300 free seeds + Medium Seedsman merch box
  • • Spend over €2,000 and receive 400 free seeds + Large Seedsman merch box
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To kick off this launch we have selected four popular Seedsman strains for our freebie selection

(Please note these will change over time and stocks may vary at different times)

Seedsman Merchandise

On top of this...

TigerOne will run a fem & auto +1 free seed on every multi-pack on an ongoing basis, for future orders from the customers via the store.

Merchandise can also be requested, and your dedicated sales agent will work with you to support you along the way.

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Official assets

Seedsman Seeds Packaging
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